Where we are

The resthouse Alla Frasca is located in the historical area of Sottomarina. It is situated in Murazzi zone (“Murassi” in Venetian dialect) which is the majestic dyke made in Istrian stone. It was built by the Republic of Venice in order to protect the banks from erosion.
Its position is strategic for the proximity of Old Centre of Sottomarina and the beaches. Walking during the evening is amazing thanks to the lagoon sunset view.

Hotel Facilities

Alla Frasca offers a reception and café. All the rooms are modern with queen size beds and the possibility to add a bed in order to meet the family requirements.


The Kitchen

Alla Frasca offers homemade cooking where the guests can taste the typical dishes of fresh fish from the famous market in Chioggia. The staff of La Frasca take care about all the demands of each guest.

The Territory

Sottomarina is in the nearby of Chioggia, the historical city called “Small Venice”. It was born in the lagoon made of islands connected by bridges and canals. The tourists can reach the near islands from the city through the “Bragozzi” (the characteristic fishing boat of Chioggia) where they can make bicycle excursions and have a baths in transparent sea of the islands. Moreover there is the possibility to visit the fish farms of clams and mussels. All information of the activities are available in reception.